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Looking for Rush Car Shipping Anywhere in the US?

Since every car shipping situation is unique, Patriot Shipping Experts offers a variety of flexible services to help you get your vehicle from one city to another, quickly and without any damage to your valued property.

Our trusted and experienced car shipping services are available at different rates for the following:

  • Open carrier shipping — This is when your vehicle is transported on an open road truck carrier that you typically see on the highway. Open carriers are usually used to transport new or used cars to their destinations without incurring any damage.

  • Closed carrier shipping — If you have an expensive and prized vehicle that you rarely drive or showcase as a collector car, you may prefer to have it transported in an enclosed environment where it’s protected from the weather and any road debris.

  • Expedited carrier shipping — The ideal option for customers looking for faster car shipping than our competitors can provide. For an expedited order, your vehicle will be transported as swiftly and safely as possible so it’s ready for pickup and immediate use as soon as you’re able to retrieve it at your destination.

  • Overseas car shipping — When you need to get a vehicle to the Hawaiian Islands or Puerto Rico, we can ship it to your destination via freighter at some of the most affordable rates in the industry.

We Specialize in

Door to Door Service

What does door to door service mean? In two words: customer convenience. At Patriot Shipping Experts, your carrier will pick up your vehicle right at your home, apartment complex, or other location designated by you.

Because some residential neighborhoods have physical restrictions for large trucks, we can promise that we will pick up your vehicle as close to your front door as possible. If it’s more convenient for you to drop off, pick up, or inspect your vehicle at a nearby shopping plaza or park, we’re happy to accomodate your needs.